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Freecycling: A Great Way to Keep Good Stuff Out of Landfills

August 10, 2012

There’s nothing like driving down the road and finding treasure in other people’s trash. No matter where we’re going, Ryan scans for goods left at the side of the road. A great way to save on cash, or not spend cash at all, and reduce waste! Yippy!

Some time ago, Ryan and I were on our way home and lone behold there was a dilapidated desk at the edge of the road. Garbage? Most certainly not. At Fresh Earth Farm, nothing goes to waste! We sure struggled getting that desk in the back of the truck, mostly because I have zero upper body strength, but it was worth all the effort and the splinter in my finger.

Though the desk was in no condition to enter the humble abode, it is serving three purposes outdoors.

1. A portion of the desk was cut with something sharp (the name of the tool has escaped me…ha!) and nailed to part of a tree trunk to make the coolest table ever.


2. What were once drawers of a desk are now two little raised beds.


3. The remaining bits (or lots) will be used for outdoor fires, which can only mean fun, fun, fun.

If you are into reducing waste and free stuff, cause who isn’t, check and see if there is a Freecycle Network near you.

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