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An Abundance of Apples!

August 14, 2012

Summer just got better. It is not yet autumn and apples are aplenty in Albert County. Apples are ready to harvest, and eat, when they begin to fall off the tree. My are they falling! There  are a bunch of apple trees at Fresh Earth Farm, but they aren’t quite ready.


This apple tree, however, belongs to a lovely lady, Diana, down the road. She is so lovely that she let us pick from her tree. Thanks, Diana!

This tree has been a source of happiness and abundance. There might be more apples under the tree than on the tree at this point. They are delicious, free and organic. Apples are one of the dirty dozen, so be weary.

The apples we picked are Yellow Transparents, an heirloom from Russia. The skin is pale and yellow, while the flesh is crispy and juicy. If Granny Smith and Golden Delicious were to have a baby apple, this would be it, or close to it.

If it weren’t for ladders we would have to wait until the apples fell. Once apples fall off the tree they don’t store well. Apple sauce is a great way to use up a ton of apples. We’ve made three batches in the crock pot already!

I’m not one for sugar water beverages that go by the name of juice, but when it comes to homemade juice from a juicer, oh man! I’ve been making juice almost daily since we picked the apples.

Here is my brew (recipe): 

6 apples (cored)
5 leaves of swiss chard
1/2  cucumber

Juice it and enjoy immediately. It’s that simple. (If only I had an image…)

I could bake apple crisp, but then I’d eat it all. I made two dozen cookies yesterday and now there are only two left. Yes, I had some help, but I think I ate fifteen today. I’m going for a run tomorrow, and every day after that and I won’t be baking cookies any time soon.


Mmmmmmm…. Apples! August Apples!!!!!!!

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