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Save, Save, Save your Seeds

August 30, 2012

Where, oh where to begin?

It’s been more than 10 whole days since I’ve written a post (and since the first batch of Meat Kings have been slaughtered. Tear.) My time at Fresh Earth Farm is quickly coming to an end and thus I have spent my time writing cover letters rather than blog posts. Yay! Sort of.

Much has happened and grown. Vegetables have been harvested, fruits preserved, and seeds are now in the process of being dried and saved.

The whole process of saving seed is fascinating and differs greatly with each plant type. There is so much to know and it is explained quite nicely here.

Similar to lettuce, mustard greens put up a flowering stalk each with pretty yellow flowers. Each flower becomes a pod bearing seeds. It takes several weeks for the seeds to ripen, but it is worth the wait. Why buy seeds when the plants give them to you for free.

When the pods are dry they break open quite easily. So I suggest holding a bag or bucket under the pods as you remove them from the stalk. I used scissors to cut off the pods, but you could simply rub the pods and let the seeds fall into a bag or bucket.

Mustard green seeds a plenty!

For effective seed saving and storage, one needs a seed packet.

Nothing like recycled paper and electrical tape. Remember to name and date your packets.

Happy seed saving!

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